14 bit encoders, message types

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is CSS able to handle 14 bit encoders in Absolute mode out of the box?
What about the acceleration that is built into the FW of the controller for these encoders.
Ableton itself can handle that quite well.

Depending on some messages here in the board I am really hesitating to buy it because there seem quite some issues with more advanced controls like that.

Would be great to get back to me on that, thanks.

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Hello Graudio,

I do not speak for remotify.io at all, I’m just a customer. I’m not an insider expert, not any kind of expert if you ask me.

However, I’m pretty sure the answer to your question is “not at this time”. You are correct that Live supports 14 bit encoder messages. But (I’m pretty sure) CSS would need to have a “14 bit” checkbox on one of the tabs where you define the encoder for interaction with Live and I haven’t noticed such a checkbox.

The acceleration built into the firmware just means the data the device sends flows in bigger hops, CSS (all remote) scripts just pass data regardless of increments or big hops. Data is data.

Your observations about community forum activity make your purchase hesitancy quite understandable. All I can say is that after years of struggling to figure out how to “write control scripts” either to modify behavior of existing scripts or generate brand new scripts, CSS still feels like a giant breath of fresh air. All I need to think about when “writing scripts” is exactly how I want my control surface to interact with Live. I don’t need to worry about how to express my desires “in Python” using the LOM. I’m still happy with my purchase despite the problems I’ve encountered and the recent silence here from the Admin. The longer the silence continues though… I’ll probably have a different opinion come January.

Happy Coding!

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