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Is it possible to get a link to re-download version 2.7?
2.8 is much less intuitive and I I don’t want to re-learn the software.
Thank you.

ewersk Answered question June 8, 2024
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You should at least provide an off-line Version of v2.7 (and v2.6?) for those of us who want to use the old versions (much better UX/UI ) and those have to because of your converter dos not work with really sophisticated scripts (see my other posts-answers) … I did pay for a lifetime license! And what I got was 1 year.

ewersk Answered question June 8, 2024

We are currently in the process of sunsetting 2.7, it will not be usable in the next couple of weeks.

admin Changed status to publish May 22, 2024
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