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did someone try to make a script for the akai studio mk2 in ableton ? is it possible to make a good script with a maximum of functionality ? or it is limited by the akai software . i m thinking to get one , i tried with the MPD 218 but it s very limited by the midi resource only 3 banks .

difrensays Answered question May 30, 2024
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i made the template already , but i can t figure out to have liight on for every button + it s really time consumming every time you need to close and reoppen just for a simple fucntion puff anyway i ll try again … i let you know if one day it s ready

difrensays Posted new comment May 31, 2024
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There’s a very simple fix to the script that X Producer B put together to get it to work with 12.

Go to the folder with the script in it, open the __init__.py file in a text editor, and change this line…

elif major_version == 11:

to this…

elif major_version in [11, 12]:

If you wanted to keep it loading for all future versions and only worry about it when/if it breaks, you could use…

elif major_version >= 11:

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