Akai MPK249 Red Box

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First off, I have not purchased Control Surface Studio, but if it can do the following, I definitely will. I have an Akai MPK249 and which has faders, a rotary, and a track arm button for 8 tracks. It works great for the first 8 tracks. I would like it to be able to use the controls on other sets of tracks as well, but it currently does not have red box support. Would I be able to use something like the clyphX command:
CS”MPK49″ RING T9 S12;
to move the red box so that the faders and other controls map to track 9 – 16 once red box support is added through CSS? The ClyphX command works for the Push 2, but right now the MPK249’s controls are pinned to track 1-8 and I don’t see a way to have them control any other tracks.


Jeff B.

tfrank_ Answered question May 29, 2024
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dope thanks for sharing! I still need to make a template/script for my MPK1 49

tfrank_ Answered question May 29, 2024
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