Arm selected + unarm all other tracks?

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how can I arm the selected track and unarm all other tracks with one button press?

I’ve managed to get a button press on my MIDI Fighter 3D to arm the selected track, but I’d like for it to also unarm all other tracks. I’ve got a Push 1 connected, and Live set to exclusive arm, so selecting a track when no other track is “properly” armed will “soft arm” the track, for lack of a better term. 90% of the time, I want this behaviour, but sometimes I need to “hard arm” a track because I need to have a different track in focus while recording, but I don’t want “hard armed” tracks to stack; it slows me down when I have to look at the screen to find the other track that is armed and unarm it.

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I know this is a late response but maybe somebody will find use for it.
The way I did it was to make a reaction with 2 action blocks:
– Action Block 1: disarms all tracks within a given range via loop
– Action Block 2: arms the highlighted track

LOOP: select “tracks”

CONDITIONS: here you can set the range of tracks using the condition “Script > loop – iteration number (int)” ; e.g. you want to disarm tracks 3 to 8 in your Live Set:
(remember that track numbering starts at 0; so 0 == track 1, 1 == track 2, …)

– First condition: “Script > loop – iteration number” is greater than 1
– Second condition: “Script > loop – iteration number” is less than 8

ACTIONS: “Live Object Model > Track > set arm” == False
Make sure to click the little upwards pointing hand next to “Track – set arm” and select “loop – iteration number” as its Track Number. (I’ve added a picture) Then it will disarm a track that corresponds to that iteration number.

For your described purpose you only need an action (no loop or conditions)

ACTIONS: “Live Object Model > Track > set arm” == True
This time, at the upwards pointing hand sign, you want to select the option “selected track” under Tracks. (see picture) This way it will only arm the highlighted track.

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