Change CC to map to Looper multifunction button

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Hi , I have managed to set up 2 loopers on 2 tracks. I can cycle through the states of the loopers using mode selectors. However in practice this is unusable because Ableton’s looper instantly changes state. Which means unquantized recording, and is a mess.
Multifunction Rec button and/or the other buttons are needed, as they function properly.

I know these are not available through device parameters, but are through live midi mapping.

I’d like to do the mapping in Ableton but use the script to change CCs as per needed, i.e. for different tracks.

So the question is, can I change the output CC of a button through the script ?Depending on the mode or through a reaction?
Then map the different cc messages within ableton?

I’ve gone through every post and almost all videos and nothings steared me in the right direction.

Many Thanks

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A couple of days on… and lots of hair lost, I’ve moved on from original plan. I got the feeling that sending different CCs from one button using css is either not possible or requires so much custom coding I would not be able to do it.

So the plan is to use touch OSC MK2 as the controller, and use css scripts to send the feedback i need. Touch OSC is quite versatile but is also a complete head f### for a nuby, but I’m getting there.

In lives midi mapping, I have controls mapped to loopers buttons which dont have accessible parameters through script.
i.e Multifunction button, undo/redo and clear buttons.
These are left out of the css template, but will be dinamicaly controlled through other control buttons which will pass messages from live to touch osc, and they will trigger changes like cc change, led colour in Touch OSC

I’ve got so far as to make a reaction listening for loopers state and printing it in css log. However this is not working, and i just dont know why.
I changed it to print in ableton status bar and that did not work either.

I hope someone can help me here.

There’s another problem, TouchOSC bridge In port turns red in preferences when control surface studio is running, and so the controller is not working Think theyre interfering with eachother somehow. Touch OSC Bridge is a virtual midi port, and I dont think it has options to change like loop midi.
This and the fact that I’m using Live 11 means I’ve got to close and open both programs continuosly, which is slowing me down.
So really hope someone can help somehow, cheers
The template and json files…

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Ok, figured out the first problem, was a school boy error.
in the device parameters list on remotify, loopers parameters are 0 = device on, 1 = state etc.
I was listening for parameter number 1 which meant device on in the code, I needed parameter 2 for the state.

The second problem of control surface studio disengaging Touchosc bridge port in ableton still stands. Would like to solve that.


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