Check on script scenario for BCF2000

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I have a BCF2000 and I want to create a script for it that works as follows;

By opening (focusing on) a certain folder I want:
– The first fader of the BCF2000 to be assigned to the folder channel (as a group fader for the folder)
– Fader 2 to 8 on the BCF2000 to be assigned to channels 1 to 7 in the folder
– And the same assignment system for the rotary and push buttons so that they can work as pans, mutes and solos for the folder track and the channels in the folder (1 to 7)

In this way I have 8 groups with 7 tracks each under control, in my case the entire project because I have a maximum of 7 tracks in 1 group. Is this is possible and what is the basic setup?

If this is possible with the BCF2000, is this also possible with the Faderport 8?

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