Combo Mode Outside Remotify

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Thanks again for Remotify.
My workflow is SO smooth and inspirational – my tiny Sensel Morph means I can bring my APC Key with me anywhere I have my surface Go.

I have an odd challenge.

I LOVE the Launchpad (I use Launchpad95, an incredible Push like scripot for the launchpad) but I would absolutely love to have my Sessionbox (remotify on my device) sync with the Launchpad sessionbox. I know that I can sync my own scripts…. is there any way I can get my script’s session box to synchronize (Combo Mode) with the default Launchpad script OR with the custom script I use (or, to be simpler, any non-remotify script)?

If there’s some bit of code I can look for in the script that would do this job for me, please let me know – I can edit the custom launchpad script but I definitely don’t know how to (or want to() backward egineer from the script to figure out how to edit my Launchpad Script so that Combo Mode is open for at least my main script.

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