Could you please help me with setting up standard Led Feedback behavior for my Launchpad X?

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Hello there! Great app! I spent a lot of time writing the script I needed and figured out a lot of things, but I’m still not satisfied. Can you please help me? I’m willing to pay for the time you spend on me! I have a Launchpad X, and I need to fully duplicate the native use except for the bottom two rows. Specifically, I need Tap Tempo, Start, Stop, Stop all Clips, Master Volume Up and Down, increase the tempo by +1, decrease tempo by -1, and a few “jump to scene X” buttons.
I have completed all the functions listed above, but I am having trouble with the LED feedback. I need the standard behavior of the pads (colors mirroring the clips, the playing clip being green, the clip that’s queued up flashing green, etc.).

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