Delay function to CSS to slower data transition.



So there is an option to send out midiSysex data. And i decided to transfer all the scene data to touchOSC. I have started with track names and colors, next with devices and their names, and parameters names and automation states.

And i have faced a problem with scripting on touchOSC side. Sometimes i had received nill for a tables that were defined. After a long investigation i have realised that the problem is with data transmition. TouchOSC couldnt get all the data – some midiSysex data was lost, or at some point touchOSC stops to receive midiSysex.

After additional investigation i have discovered that the probem is with the speed of the data camed out from Ableton. I had cutted my loops to just scroll through track names and colors. And Ableton with remotify script sends out the data with very fast speed like 10 tracks names and color were traslated in 3 milliseconds with 214 bytes.

And according to the limitation of usbmidi port transistion defined as 31,250 bits per second, i needed to have 68.5 milliseconds to transfer that data, but it goes fine in 3 milliseconds. But if i increase data ammount a bit higher – the data drops…… In this setup i used phone and a tablet connected via usb 2.0 midi, bomemidi for connection and loopmidi for virtual ports. I have tried touchOSC Bridge over wifi but that works much slower….

So, it would be great to have an option to slower data transistion in case when we want to transfer the data with names and colors from Ableton by midiSysex over usb or midi.

Recently i have asked wheather there is an option to delay the message to be sent and parameter to get, and now i see that i am on the same way…

I have tried time.sleep() – but it freezes all …

Is there an option to create delay function in python?)))

Glenn Verhaeghe Answered question July 4, 2024

Would a buffer be useful? A list on your computer that temporarily stores the data coming from Ableton and that feeds that data at a slower pace to your devices?

I don’t know enough about this sort of stuff to be useful at this moment. Maybe you could ask on Stack Exchange as well?

Glenn Verhaeghe Answered question July 4, 2024
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