Electrix Tweaker Setup

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I’ve been trying to develop a script for the Electrix Tweaker to fit my workflow. I’ve discovered a couple quirks that I would like some help in figuring out. See attachment for context. TIA!

1) Getting big pads to show up as notes in Ableton Live. Without a control surface script selected in Live, the big pads (4×2) generate notes. With the basic script I’ve created and selected, that functionality goes away. I still get midi signal and can map it, but can’t play notes. Do I need to add a mapping in CSS to accomplish this? How to?

2) LED feedback not turning off on certain buttons. While using the CSS script, the solo, record arm and A/B assign button LEDs do not turn off. I don’t know if I am missing a mapping to accomplish this. Basically, I want each button’s LED to turn on when the associated device in Live is on and off when it’s turned off. Currently, if the button is not mapped to a device, the LED does not turn on. When mapped to a device, the LED will light up upon first click, then continue to stay on, regardless if the device turns on and off.

3) Session Box Navigation – Is there a way to map up and down parameters? I was able to follow the video that illustrates how to scroll left and right using increment/decrement. Is there a way to accomplish up and down, too?

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