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I am using relative knob controller

I want to have control over the loop position of the highlighted clip

First, I created a reaction for the loop start point, but it didn’t work.

The point of track 1 clip 1 always moves, and the point of the highlighted clip moves absolutely.

Attach the reaction you created

7/15/2024 postscript I don’t understand the custom code or the remotify very well

The knob I use gives a value of 127 when turned to the left.

Turning it to the right will give a value of 1.

I edited the reaction I created earlier based on the community and it worked fine.

The conditions were as follows
I think this has to be changed depending on the controller you are using.

i chose

Actions-Choose Element-Live Object Model-Clip-set loop start

I then selected the highlighted clip slot from the path menu.

I pressed here

And I copied the part of the code that came out and it’s “self.song().view.highlighted_clip_slot.clip.loop_start ”

I selected the Custom Code by pressing the gray down arrow on the right.

Then I copied and pasted the code and added the code.

The final code I pasted is “self.song().view.highlighted_clip_slot.clip.loop_start – 1.0”

The half-width space between “-” and “number” may be important.
I don’t really understand, but it did what I wanted.

thank you

kenta miura Edited question July 15, 2024
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Using the Path Menu you can select Highlighted Clip Slot. The button for the Path Menu looks like a gray upwards pointing hand, and is visible next to a selected menu option where it is usable, i.e. where a path needs to be defined to point to the object you want to manipulate. The Path Menu can appear in any section of a Reaction (like a Listener, Condition, Action, …).

Glenn Verhaeghe Posted new comment July 14, 2024

thank you for contacting
I tried the path Menu but it doesn’t work
I was able to select highlight clips in the path menu.
I want to move the loop start point
So in the custom code “+4.0” and “-4.0” was added.The clip’s loop
point just jumps minus 1 and 2.
I want to attach an image to a comment, but I don’t know how.

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I made a Reaction for you that uses the “Get value from ranges” feature. It took a while to get it set up as I haven’t used this feature a lot myself and there were some other hurdles

Getting it to run

It was made using a MIDI Fighter Twister and the default Remotify template for that device, so you might have to change the Listener to the one you’re using. If so, you’ll also have to change the “current input value” so that it gets the “latest velocity value” from the knob you’re using (see red box in image below).

Because you’re using a relative knob, I assume you don’t start at velocity 0 and end at velocity 127 on the encoder. You’ll have to adjust the input min and max accordingly (see blue box in image above).

Some additional info

When logging the values of loop_start at different positions I noticed:

  • A beat is measured in steps of 0.25
  • loop_start can’t be pushed beyond loop_end (which is kind of obvious) and stops at one beat before the loop_end

So if loop_end sits at 4.0, then loop_start can have a maximum of 3.75 (= loop_end minus a beat).
That’s what I wrote in the output max, using custom code.

self.song().view.highlighted_clip_slot.clip.loop_end - 0.25

The number of steps should be the amount of beats you can position the loop_start on. To calculate this number of beats, I used the same line of code as above and divided it by 0.25; using the above example, the maximum of 3.75 divided by 0.25 would give you 15 positions (i.e. beats) to put the loop_start position on.

The reason why I used custom code for this is that it would still work if you ever change the loop_end position.

Glenn Verhaeghe Posted new comment July 15, 2024

thanks so much
I’m sorry for taking your time.
I immediately tried the attached reaction.
It worked, but unfortunately it wasn’t what I wanted.
After looking at the custom code and editing it, I got what I wanted.
Edit the first comment and it will show
Thank you for your contact, it was a great hint.

I’m glad it worked out in the end.