How to display Ableton track or Clip colors on MIDI controller pads?

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First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your application which is truly a fantastic tool for being able to personalize and create midi interfaces as desired depending on your workflow.

But wishing to create increasingly complex scripts I am faced with a problem

I would like to match the color of Ableton clips or tracks with ws2812b LEDs

With “classic” LEDs it works very well (led feedback on/off, session box led feedback)

I configured my interface so that each velocity received I obtain a LED feedback of the color corresponding

For this I used the Ableton Palette Chart which includes 69 velocity values

I was able to test all this with software like midi test and I have a LED return with the color that I configured depending on the received velocity value

I tried to create actions with Modifier (color index) but without success

And in box management we can select only one LED feeback velocity value.

So if anyone has an idea or ways to make this work with the color of Ableton

Thank you in advance

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if you alter this so it works with clips it might be what youre looking for

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link is broken….


waiting on your response John. it’s Beginning of march and some of us really want us to the led feedback response as it is natively via Ableton.

why did you choose to only go with 3 states for LED feed back? what are you going to implement so that we have LED color matching to clip color on Ableon?

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Is this possible through your software? in future upgrades? Or do you need in-depth knowledge of phyton so that Ableton can send the clip color information?


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