incremental modifier?

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I’m very new to remotify so this is probably a simple question for most of you.

I’m trying to set up my BCF2000 and as it has 8 motorised faders I would like to have the 8 buttons above the faders highlight the selected track.

However unlike the volume faders, I can’t seem to set the “highlight selected track” to follow the session box.

So i’m stuck with only being able to highlight the first 8 tracks while the faders might be showing fader 17-25.

I want it to work like my launchcontrol XL where you can simply scroll through the tracks by clicking left and right, and once the session box reaches the highlighted track the button under the corresponding fader lights up.

I guess this should be done with a reaction or modifier but I cant seem to figure out how..

Some advice would be appreciated 😀

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