Is it possible to Setup Complex buttons for FCB1010/EurekaPROM IO mode?

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I have an FCB1010 guitar pedal board with the EurekaPROM chip. This has a programmable mode which I had hoped I could implement in CSS but I can’t work out how to do it.

The main problem is the buttons/switches don’t send one CC message with a value of 0 or 127, it is more complex than that.

There are 10 pedals/buttons. When button 1 is pressed it sends CC 104 with a value of 1. When the button is released it sends a CC 105 with a value of 1. Button 2 sends CC 104 (pressed) and 105 (released) with a value of 2, Button 3 sends CC 104 (pressed) and 105 (released) with a value of 3. This continues to cover all 11 buttons. Each button is assigned to two CCs and sends the same value out on these CCs.

I couldn’t work out how to implement this in CSS as a button is assigned to a single CC.

Has anyone implemented this before or has any idea how to implement this?


P.S. The EurekaPROM data sheet is here

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