Issue with controll of the maped parameter bank

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Hi everyone, trying to setup my first script and want to say that it is amazing! But stuck with the problem. I’m creating Track selector with exact number of track and then creating the Parameter bank. End up for a while with only two tracks but here is the problem. When i’m using Knobs in grouped instrument on one track and then when i going to another one track and trying to manipulate with other grouped instrument then appears that 8 mapped knobs controlling both instrument (those one i’m working in the moment and the previous that already maked up before changing track). Do you have idea what am i doing wrong?
I also trying to use the same button on the controller in both track selector branches to control the Select device.

Could it happening because the devices are similar on both channels? Because i’m building groups to each one device i’m planing to use and working through mapping with them. So i will use them on every track in ableton, but i aiming to be able to control them with the same knobs but only that device which is highlighted, not everyone from all tracks at the same time. Starting to thinking that it could be matter of Mode…

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