Issue with script for Line6 Helix Floor

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Very much enjoying using CSS and have successfully created scripts for my KMI Softstep2 and Morningstar MC6 foot controllers. In these scripts I used a session box with tracks/scenes navigations using custom incrementing/decrementing to move the session box Left/Right and UP/DOWN and all work perfectly fine.

I have now copied the script to use with my Line6 Helix Floor unit and when testing in CSS, the appropriate buttons light up on my template that correctly correspond to the buttons that I press on the controller.
However, when I load Ableton, the buttons on the template flash randomly and Ableton does not behave correctly in that, the session box will randomly scroll endlessly and the All Stop stays permanently lit if assigned to a button!

This may have more perhaps to do with the interaction of Helix and Ableton when using a script but hoping that someone may have some pointers of other things to try to correct the behaviour that I am seeing?
Thanks in advance

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Well after hours of trial and error, the issue was with how the helix footswitches were set, specifically the: “SnapshotMode Switches” in Global Settings>Footswitches.
If there are any other Helix users out there writings a scrip for Helix, then this is a setting to take note of, as when setting it to Manual (and not Auto Return), corrected the issue that I was having.
From the manual: Global Settings > Footswitches > Item4
When set to “Auto Return,” Helix returns to the previous footswitch mode after selecting a snapshot. When set to “Manual Return,” Helix stays in Snapshot
footswitch mode until you press FS6 (CANCEL).

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