LED feedback on track select doesn’t work with modifiers

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Im using remotify as windows app
I need to map track select button with LED feedback on my APC40
for track 1 select there is a button with:
ch 1 note 51

I see that there are more than only one option to select track…

May be there is more simple and working solution to map track selet button with LED feedback that will follow the Box??

I prefer to try a variant with:
Highlight navigation + modifiers (because it follows the Box)

select track

controller input:
a described button

Led feedback:

Also there is a Reaction for the modifier:

script initialised
or session box position changed

modifier m1
value to set:

So, track selection works good, but NO LED FEEDBACK…(((
Can this be fixed PLEASE?

Changing m1 modifier to Track 1 – magically makes LED works, but in this scenario track selecting doesn’t follow the Box….

Changing LED Feedback to Custom – doesn’t works… (((

tested all those 3 variants via midi capture, and i see that LED feedback should work if controller receives next command for described button:

90 33 7F – in HEX
144,51,127 – in Decimal

but script sends this command only when no modifier used (track 1 used), and no Box follow alowed…(((
And when modifier m1 is used – script doen’t send this command (script send lots of other commands, but not this in both defaultcustom led feedback scenario)

Can thi be fixed please? i will be glad to help to solve this issue

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Here again,

Please post your script, its really hard to help you with this way of text format. I then look into it.

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