listeners features request


hi! it would be great to add an option to set a list of listeners.

and to have an option to update listeners with the code (not only mode update)

also it would be great to have more than 20 midifiers

thank you!

JohnC Answered question July 5, 2024

Listeners are used to auto update when a specific event happens either in live or from the connected midi controller so updating them from the code wouldn’t work.
You could however, listen to a modifier, whenever you update the value of the modifier that listener will fire.

JohnC Posted new comment July 8, 2024

The point is that you can create a listener for m1 track. But if m1 goes to another value, listener would listen to the previous value of m1. And changing modifier number will not work. To update a listener you need to reload your mode. Only after that the listener will listen to new m1 value. So I am asking to an option to update a listener and not to trigger the listener event.

Have you tested this Hellem? The modifier listener should listen to the modifier itself, not the value of it.
Unless I’m misunderstanding what you mean.