Making a ‘Selected Chain’ Modifier

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Hello Folks,

I asked this already but my explanation was far to convoluted to be helpful, so here I go again – hopefully with some added clarity.

I want to create a modifier the makes CSS chose the currently selected chain in an instrument rack in order to control the relevant Macros/Device Parameters

My input is like this:

1. Launch clip
2. Ableton selects chain (via chain selection automation)
3. Macros are now usable on the active chain

I currently have the basics working Like this (See Screen Shot 1 & 2)

1. Device Parameter
2. Device Selection + Chain Targeting = Device 1, chain 1

This would allow me to control the Macro Parameters I wish control, but the problem is ‘Chain 1’ is a static. I want the chain targeting to select the active chain instead.

I believe this is possible using the modifier highlighted in screenshot 3, but in-spite of looking at the modifiers and loops tutorial, I haven’t grasped how to do this at all.

So it would look something like this:

1. Launch Scene/clip & Chain 1 is selected and macros are available for modulation
2. Launch Scene/clip2 & Chain 1 is selected….and so on and so on…..

Thanks for your tips 🙂

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I’ve commented a possible solution on your other post:…

Maybe it will help you figuring out how to set it for yourself the way you want it.

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