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OK new user here the software seems straight forward enough but ive found quiet a few issues so far.

Hardware Overview:

Model Name: Mac Studio
Model Identifier: Mac14,13
Model Number: FQH73X/A
Chip: Apple M2 Max
Total Number of Cores: 12 (8 performance and 4 efficiency)
Memory: 32 GB
System Firmware Version: 10151.41.12
OS Loader Version: 10151.41.12

1, Midi learn: for some reason midi learn is all over the place, it randomly flashes and selects other channels that arent being touch, so it would jump from ch1, to ch3 to ch4.
I thought this might be my controller or interface from another controller i only have 3 of them, so i turned them all off and focused on 1, same issue. Confirmed its not a controller issue but using 3 other software to map and they dont have show any midi signal when im not touching the controller.

2, Laggy interface in scripting mode, when im creating the template in template mode seems to work as expected but…. when im in scripting mode on average there is a 2-3 second delay between me clicking the interface and it actioning. Im looking to do 100+ scripts for my controller so this is going to be a test of patience.

3, Things not saving correctly, i think this is to do with item #1 but sometimes when i try to generate the script it doesnt work and just sits on generating infinite, i think this is due to when i do midi learn and the learn is picking up random inputs causing the script to fail

Open to any ideas i do have the ability to run windows on this mac so i might give it a try on that see if it works better but its not idea

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Clearing the logs fixed most of these issues for me, but something for the devs to check would be why did the app come with 9mb of logs before i had even used it. Maybe it should auto clear seems a few issues on here resolved by clearing the logs

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The App didn’t come with 9mb of logs.
The log.txt file is generated by Ableton Live itself.
CSS is simply monitoring this for errors which Ableton has output to this file.

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