Multiple shift modes possible?

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I’m new to CSS.
I’m trying to use Launch Control XL lateral buttons ( device, mute, solo, record ) as shift functions.

I purchases specifically this sw because I understood that multiple SHIFT buttons where possible ( not mode buttons ), but momentary shift.

So using 4 shifts buttons to have at each button/knob 5 assignable functions, 1 per the mode 0 ( or default ), and then 4 more ( one per each shift button ).

Is this possible? is this a future feature?

PD: besides this, with the new 2.8.2 i’m not capable of making modes nor shifts work.

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TOTALLY. You wouldn’t even need more than one shift button, to be honest.
but if you wanted more than one shift button:
shiftA – ModeSelector – select Mode1 (Add your functions for knobs and buttons to this mode)

Are you understanding that FIRST you have a Controller template i.e. on this is
Knobs 1, 2, 3, . . .
Buttons 1, 2, 3 . . .

THEN you have a

in which you select that controller (should look like your LaunchXL)
then add FIVE modes: a Main Mode and FOUR ShiftModes.
THEN add the functions of all the knobs and buttons TO EACH MODE. As those functions are different, those changes will occur when you switch to the modes.

if you want the mode to be like a ‘shift’ (in my understanding of it: temporary) then you set a listener for the button IN the mode that resets to the MAIN mode when you release the ‘shift’ button.

So IN the Main mode, ShiftA = mode selector > Mode A
and IN Mode A: ShiftA = listener, on release set mode > Main mode

Does this make sense?

ANYone feel free to correct me.

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