Native Instruments Controller Editor – Avoiding Coloration

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Hi. I recently purchased a Traktor Control F1 and want to do my custom script in CSS. At first, I had to download the Native Instruments Controller Editor and set the controller to MIDI-Mode, so CSS and Ableton will recognize it as a MIDI-device. There I also can set custom CC-Values for each Pad, Knob, Button and Fader. For the pads, you can also set the colors. The Problem is, that i want to have different color-codings for different modes -> for example:
Mode 1: every column has a different color, Mode 2: all pads are blue, Mode 3: the pads take the color from the clips in session view,…..

As the coloring of the pads is done by the Native Instruments Controller Editor, I canĀ“t set the color in CSS. When i send different velocity values to a pad, nothing changes, except for on and off – but the color always remains the same as i set it in the Native Instruments Controller Editor software.
How can I avoid this? I want to control the colors from CSS. I looked in the Native Instruments software but there seems to be no option to avoid sending the colors.

I have seen videos where they use the same controller for controlling a session box and the colors of the pads are the same as the clips in Ableton. This script was created with Python as i got it right, so it has to be possible to change the colors outside of the Native Instruments software.
Any help would be appreciated. Answered question June 20, 2024
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Hey, I have a Maschine Mk3 and I am using the NI controller editor. There is an option (at least for the Mk3) in controller editor titled “LED”. Within that there is a drop down menu. See if you have an option called “MIDI In”. By selecting that it changes the LEDs so that they accept incoming MIDI signals (Velocity Values) which will let you send color messages. In the Controller Editor manual it has the Velocity Value chart with corresponding color values.

I am new it this so if my terminology is incorrect I apologize.