Parkstools One Dial endless encoder

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Here’s a CSS script for fine/coarse control of the currently highlighted parameter in Ableton.
I created this for the ParksTool “One Dial Kit” – a minimalistic clickable one-knob encoder. It probably works for other endless encoders as well with some tweaking.
The controlscript comes in two versions:
A) “ParksTool1E Toggle” Click the encoder button to toggle between fine- and coarse adjustments. B) “ParksTool1E Push”: Twist the encoder for fine adjustment. Push down and twist the encoder for coarse adjustment.
Set your Parkstool knob as in screenshot (Parkstool configuration JSON file also attached) and use the provided CSS Controller Template.
Sharing this “as is” in a version that works great for my needs, hoping to save someone some trial-and-error with endless encoder scripts 🙂

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Hi dapeba,
Really nice and clever script you shared here!!
Works like a charm, I am sure many people will benefit from it!
Keep up the good work 🙂

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