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I have a Reaction that was working in 2.7 that I’m having difficulty setting up in 2.8.5

The goal is use Reactions to look for a device called “High and Low Pass Filter” on a given track, find its position, and map the first macro knob in that audio effect rack to an encoder.

Here’s my Reaction setup:

Listeners: Track’s devices value has changed, script is initialized, track’s data value has changed

Loop: Devices

Conditions: Device – Name — (Text) exactly matches — High & Low Pass Filter

Actions: Modifier: m1, Value To Set: loop – iteration number

Here’s my Parameter Mapping:

Track Selection: Track Type (track), Track number (1), Relative to session box position (No), Include folder tracks (No)

Device Selection: Select or device number (number), Select device number / modifier (m1), Use modifier (checked)

Parameter: Device Parameter (1), Device parameter range: Minimum % (0), Maximum % (100)

Controller Input: Select input (Knob 1), Control Override (default), LED Feedback (default)

It’s mapping Knob 1 but it’s targeting the wrong device. I took screenshots of my 2.7 setup in case I ever need it, and I can’t figure out what’s different about things in the new version.

Does anyone have any ideas?

JohnC Unselected an answer July 6, 2024

It could be that the loop is starting at the number 0 (meaning the first device has loop_number 0, second device has loop_number 1, etc…) while the numbering inside the Parameter Mapping starts at 1 for the first device.

If so, this would mean you need to add 1 to the stored loop_number to get the correct device.

I haven’t tested this but it’s a common thing to watch out for.

JohnC Posted new comment July 6, 2024


Within the python file I found that this block:

reaction_listener_number = 1
loop_is_active = False
loop_number = 0
loop_result_count = len([0].devices)
for item in[0].devices:
loop_is_active = True
if “HLPF” in[0].devices[loop_number].name:
self.set_modifier_value(“m1”, loop_number)
loop_number = loop_number + 1
loop_is_active = False

One line needed to be edited from:

if “HLPF” in[0].devices[0].name:


if “HLPF” in[0].devices[loop_number].name:

With that changed, the script is working properly.

See my reply…

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