Reactions – Difficulty targeting named device

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I have a Reaction that was working in 2.7 that I’m having difficulty setting up in 2.8.5

The goal is use Reactions to look for a device called “High and Low Pass Filter” on a given track, find its position, and map the first macro knob in that audio effect rack to an encoder.

Here’s my Reaction setup:

Listeners: Track’s devices value has changed, script is initialized, track’s data value has changed

Loop: Devices

Conditions: Device – Name — (Text) exactly matches — High & Low Pass Filter

Actions: Modifier: m1, Value To Set: loop – iteration number

Here’s my Parameter Mapping:

Track Selection: Track Type (track), Track number (1), Relative to session box position (No), Include folder tracks (No)

Device Selection: Select or device number (number), Select device number / modifier (m1), Use modifier (checked)

Parameter: Device Parameter (1), Device parameter range: Minimum % (0), Maximum % (100)

Controller Input: Select input (Knob 1), Control Override (default), LED Feedback (default)

It’s mapping Knob 1 but it’s targeting the wrong device. I took screenshots of my 2.7 setup in case I ever need it, and I can’t figure out what’s different about things in the new version.

Does anyone have any ideas?

JohnC Unselected an answer July 6, 2024

@timmons you just need to set the device number to the loop iteration number:
This will give you the same code output

JohnC Unselected an answer July 6, 2024
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