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I have created a script that fires a clip with a button press with a condition before firing:

Button was pressed

Block 1
Conditions: == True
and == False
and == True

Block 2

So that works great – fires (with a button press) to record when clip slot has no clip, fires to play (with a button press) when recording, stops (with a button press) when playing.

That do not work for the first time ableton opens.
At the first time – with empty slot – i press button – clip starts to record and immdiately fires to play. So the clip with minimum length was recorded.

After that – i can work with button fine. I can delete clip – and press to record – i will continue recording unltill the button would be pressed to play clip.

How that issu can be fixed to normal behavior?

Normal behavior is to start recording a clip when empty clip was fired with no immediately fired once again to make clip play.

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oh…. i see that CSS has a huge mess with button behavior…
At the first time ableton opens – it thinks that my button is toggle – so it capture FIRE twice.
But later my button become toggle – and everything works fine.

My button is true momentary by hardware, and it is set to momentery in CSS controller template. But listener “Button was pressed” acts unexpectedly.. as i see it works half cases momentary – half cases toggle……..

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