Select a track by getting the number of currently armed track

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Hi everyone, got a control surface question here, using Akai MidiMix. So here’s the context:

  • I use 8 lower buttons to select Live’s tracks. When selected, they also are being armed.
  • A button at the side of the controller is used to switch to another mode, which is used to control master track’s parameters. AND also it is used to select the master track.

The problem is that when you hit this master track mode button to return to standard mode, you need to press the track select buttons again to be able to control the device parameters of the track that you were at previously, before going to master track mode. Hope you get what I mean.

The good thing is that you can’t arm a master track and when you select one, previous arm selection is still there. So my question is that if it is possible to select that track which was armed before going to master track mode. Something like “select_track(get_armed_track)”.

Glenn Verhaeghe Answered question July 7, 2024


Here’s a Reaction for you that loops through all Tracks and selects the First Armed Track it encounters.

If you want the last Track you Armed to be selected, then another approach will be needed.

I didn’t know what button you used. I set the Listener to button_12 of the MIDImix template.

Glenn Verhaeghe Answered question July 7, 2024
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