select VISIBLE track by name OR relative to session box

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I want to select tracks by track name with my midi pads.
I can get it working after checking the loop&lists tutorial (check my script in attachment)

But in my script I need a modifier for every specific track that i need to select by name, and there are only 20 modifiers.

I need to be able to select 64 specific tracks by name, so I’ll need 64 modifiers.
Or is there another way to do this without all the modifiers?

Thanks for the help!

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You can store the names in a list and work with a group spill. So you select groups, load the according names into the modifiers and have a mode per group to access the tracks in the group.

I asked for 128 modifiers a long time ago and feel your pain

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Hey trolololololololol 🙂
I also am following this thread:…
You write 2 posts here which I want to know more about!
Post 1: ‘What i do is that i organize my tracks in groups, assign modifiers to the groups and set the Session boxes in relation to the group via modifier. Then you can also do the Highlight stuff in relation to the modifier and it all works together.’
Post 2: ‘I have all my modifiers for track numbers Name dependend. So as long as i have my important tracks named right it attaches everything right. Combine that with clyphx which is also name sensitiv you get sessions with 100+ tracks under control on a single midi controller.’

I’m very interested in this Ableton setup of yours, would you mind sharing your Remotify script with me as an example? I also have ClyphXPro, but for some things it seems that Remotify is the way to go and a practical example script would be so helpful to me and time saving 🙂
Thanks, hope you have some time to point me in the right direction!

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