Session box loses sync with sessionbox navigation settings (bug?)

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My script setup;
64 tracks (8 folder tracks with 7 normal tracks)
Folder tracks on 1, 9, 17, 25, ect
Session box of 1 track wide, I clip deep
8 session box navigation buttons on track 1, 9, 17, 25, ect
8 volume, mute, solo and pan buttons, related to the session box (including folder tracks)

My intention;
It is my intention that the faders/mutes/solos are always related to tracks via the 8 session box positions. Regardless of whether the folders are closed or not.

It works as intended when all folders are open. Then I can neatly jump through the mixer via the 8 session box navigation buttons and operate all channels. As soon as a one ore more folders are closed, the session box navigation buttons no longer work, means the cant jump to the sessionbox navgition positions as set in the script. It seems that there must be 8 tracks between the desired session box position related to the to the current session box position.
(My first setup was with a session box of 8 positions wide. The problem also occurred here, which is why I thought I would solve it with a session box of only 1 track wide)

My question:
– Is the above behavior a bug or do I something wrong here
– What solutions are there to make the script work as I would like?

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