[SOLVED] How to map two 3rd party plugin parameters to one knob/button

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Hi all. In the deep state of mine obsessive-compulsive disorder i’m trying to create the mode to be able to control with my midi fighter twister 3rd party plugin (in this case this is Fabfilter proQ3 equaliser).
I’m aiming to create mode which will allow me to control with one knob two parameters. I’m trying to control “Band used” (which adds new band to equalizer and turning it on or of) with MFT option “Button” (so when. i’m pressing knob down 1 Band appears). Next step is create possibility to control “Band shape” but this time with turning the same knob.
Here is where i’m stucked. I’m dong this by creating audio effect rack so i’m able to create only 16 macro controls in Ableton Live 11. And each option of plugin i’m adding through “configure mode” are let’s say moveable (from the left to the right 0-127, so it’s not possible to change in ableton the type on/off to regulate those parameters). And if i’m trying to map two parameters on one macro which has identic number in order from 1-16 i’m finfing myself in position when i’m pressing button (pressing knob option) new Band appears (all is ok) but then when i’m starting to twist the same knob mapped parameter “Band shape” starting to change BUT it also changing previous one parameter and in some position it comes to that point where mapped to press button parameter goes to position where it turns off and “Band used” make band dissapear.

Can someone help me how to figure this out?

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