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I’ve been using CSS for a couple of weeks now and have only seen the tip of the iceberg so far. I love the potential it serves for creating a unique interactive experience with Ableton, all within one program. I like the puzzle aspect of getting Ableton and the Control Surfaces to act entirely like I want them to.

However, the UI/UX could be better in my opinion.
I’ve listed a few feature requests + one or more reasons why I’m requesting them in this spreadsheet.

Personally, I didn’t buy this product because I thought it would make controller mapping easier, I bought it because I would be able to construct more complex mappings. In my opinion, that’s exactly what I’m getting out of CSS, so I’m already a happy customer because of that. I hope this open endedness won’t ever disappear in later iterations of CSS. That it even might be expanded upon.

I can, however, understand that not everyone wants to take a deep dive into setting up complex reactions or even adding some of their own code into the mix. For their sake, I hope this community grows in a respectful, patient and helpful way. Maybe a Discord channel would be useful for more direct interactions. For those customers, I hope Remotify keeps giving an honest, clear and accessible overview of what is and isn’t possible with pre-made mappings at the current time.

I also want to share another spreadsheet I’ve made, initially for personal use but others might find it helpful as well. In it, I’m documenting anything that seems useful in order to create intricate scripts.

Have a great day!

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