Start and then completely lost with XONE K2

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Hey guys,

I am completely lost and really nothing is working.
I am using a MacBook Pro 2020 (intel).
K2: Latching Layers is on for every button and Midi Channel is set to 1.


First I installed everything and did the settings as in “the first steps” described.

Then I started with the video tutorial about the session box. Creating and changing the size of the box worked (but the box is yellow/orange and not red??) BUT then nothing else worked…

In the official video tutorial it is said that one can use the list or can choose directly from the “midi control area” … when I click on a button in the midi control area it pop ups a window with information on the right side but I can not choose or map anything in this way. When I choose “Button 17″ …”Button XY” for the red or the orange or the green layer nothing happens. Im Ableton I can see that some signal is coming because I see in “Midi from” a signal when I push a random button on the K2.

I am also wondering that when I click on “log” I can just see the current size but not any code. Is that normal?

What I have to do? Any advices?
It seems that something in general is not working correctly.


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As it seems the K2 template is for midi channel 15 …. good to know !!

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