Strange One – Midi Velocity Value

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Hi Gang,

I have attached the .json Script incase its useful.

Weird one here, I am using Ableton, A Yaeltex Turn & Ableton Push 2.

I have a set up here, an instrument rack (1) with two other instrument racks (2a & 2b) or ‘chains’ embedded within.

I have set up my CSS script so every-time a new chain is selected the encoder on my Yaeltex is updated and will control Macro 1 on that chain.

The feedback between the Yaeltex and Ableton is fine. When I move the knob on one or the other then I get a feedback response every time.

The issue comes when I introduce Push into the mix. When I open Ableton I do get three way feedback between Ableton, Push & The Yaeltex – each device feeds back to the other. When I change to a different chain I still get feedback from Ableton and the Push but the Yaeltex stops giving me visual feedback.

When I move the endless encoder on the Yaeltex there is a Jump from the encoder to the Value on Ableton. I know Value Scale is out there but this is not a viable solution for this issue.

What I need is the value across all of the devices to be the same at all times. I’m very close but there is just one glitch which I need to iron out.

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