vst value feedback to endless encoder weird behaviour pt. 2


I asked a few months earlier about getting the values edited on screen to reflect onto the endless encoder LEDs on my Kenton Killamix mini. I noticed that it works ONLY after I’ve adjusted some other device on the same track. So, for example, if i add the UADx 1176 vst, i can change the parameters from my controller, but if i change with mouse, it doesn’t get reflected on the controller. To get it to work, i have to add for example the ableton stock delay device, adjust it with the controller/mouse and only after then the UADx  plugin works as it should and sends the moused values to the MIDI controlle. Does anybody know of any kind of solution for such madness? I’m using the same script as what i posted earlier on here I believe. I attached the current script below

Here is the original discussion from a few months ago:

VST parameter value feedback to endless rotary encoder

So just to clarify, after editing the stock delay device, i can then select again the uad plugin and only then the feedback from the uad plugin works correctly. And it is the same thing with other 3rd party plugins as well.

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