Where are the scripts to import ? Why no Full Native/Mackie mixer template

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new user battling frustration , anger & disappointment here

I understand the program separates scripts from controller templates –
this seems a good idea as deep scripts can be written distinct from the controller ,
& users can just patch in their particular controller to the script , isn’t this the point ?

So where are the scripts ?
The forum has a specific Controller Template section , but some of the info also makes reference to how their script works . Trying to import into CSS only imports the controller section – how can you import the script file ? why isn’t there a script template section if they are different ?

The only scripts I’ve managed to find & import are the 4 remotify scripts included .
“My First Script” is a pitiful insult to those who believed the hype that purchasing this software would provide deep but simple access to maximise our controllers .
Four tracks of vol + send – not even the basics of full mixer control of select/solo/mute/arm , never mind the added level of solo causing other tracks to mute led feedback .

I already have this integrated mixer control with Xtouch Compact via Mackie ,
as well as track/ bank switching , switching sends controls , access to Mstr & returns , switching devices controls etc etc . The hype from CSS is that it could offer all these BASICS simply & also let me get even deeper .

The reality seems to be there is not even an 8 track mackie level integrated mixer + returns template available , & if I want a solo button to display mute led feedback I have to be programming listener objects into each track & pasting code ?
Your blurb says you created CSS to end frustration & make things simple –
as a new arrival it doesn’t feel like that .

Though I have quoted XControl Compact via mackie , there are also other controllers
using native scripts such as Akai APC40 which offer this similar BASIC mixer functionality . If CSS is for power users to go BEYOND what native or mackie protocol offers , surely a FULLY programmed mixer template should be available as “my first script” to then add to .

As it is , I feel I have wasted my money , ….or will have to waste months of my time pratting about with listeners & pasting code . Why aren’t the basics at least coded into the tracks e.g solo <> mute leds feedback .

After all , to return to my first question , isn’t this the point of separating script from controller – you could program ONE mackie equivalent 8+1 Track Basic mixer template script which many different controller users could patch into ?

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But the software is amazing. Nothing else like it.

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Good question.

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