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Hi Ableton 12.1 beta is telling me that Midi Fighter Twister Script (selected track) is not compatible. There’s a workaround or a new version coming ? All the best !

Stevan Answered question July 10, 2024

Is this a script which you created using Control Surface Studio?
What is the message/error which Ableton give you?


JohnC Posted new comment July 10, 2024

Ji thanks for quick answer and sorry for latency.
Its a script from https://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings/11783
Live 12.1 beta 3 is giving me an incompatibility error

This was built with an earlier version of CSS.
You will probably need to run the json file through our conversion tool before importing it into Control Surface Studio: https://remotify.io/27-to-28-converter/

Fantastic ! Solved ! Was a little “afraid” because the coder of that has gently added script+template but if you import it it gives some errors about modes. Well i still dont fully understand that modes so atm i corrected all to mode 1. Also dont know why there’s 8 virtual banks instead of 4…
Anyway atm virtual bank 1 works, will investigate the rest of template when i have some free time
Thanks a lot JohnC ))))

Hey Walt, see my post below

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