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Hi Ableton 12.1 beta is telling me that Midi Fighter Twister Script (selected track) is not compatible. There’s a workaround or a new version coming ? All the best !

Stevan Answered question July 10, 2024

I just checked it and yes everything should be on mode 1, so that’s correct.

The virtual banks are for the old ‘device banking’ which is no longer a thing in CSS 2.8.

Setting all of the mappings to mode 1 is fine.

I’ve attached the converted json file for CSS 2.8. After importing into CSS, you will just need to attach our MIDI Fighter Twister Controller Template to the script (you can import this from the ‘On Remotify’ Tab at the top), and then assign the controls to each mapping.

Walt_A Posted new comment July 10, 2024
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Thanks ! Super gentle

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