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Hi Ableton 12.1 beta is telling me that Midi Fighter Twister Script (selected track) is not compatible. There’s a workaround or a new version coming ? All the best !

Stevan Answered question July 10, 2024

Hey there! I made this script using awesome CSS app – sorry to hear it is giving you a bit of trouble. As John already explained, the new version of CSS requires updating the script file (if you are going to edit functions) however the existing script still works with Live 12 (PC and Mac). Worth mention is that you need to copy and paste the Live 11 files (Live 10 files may give errers if you try to run it inside Live 12)

I plan to update the script soon so it is easier for everyone to edit it and will post the result here.


Walt_A Posted new comment July 10, 2024

No probs and thanks for your template ! Using a lot , cant wait for the updated one !

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