Despair over 2.8 interface

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Now that I’ve been forced to abandon 2.7 and figure out how to work in 2.8 my initial feeling is…. despair. The new interface appears to require vastly more clicks. All the mappings from my imported scripts appear to be completely disconnected from their associated modes, as in no more expand/collapse mappings under each mode? My mappings are now an endless, unmanageable list. Unless I’m missing something, this interface is a major step backwards in usability. I don’t think I have the energy for this!

JohnC Answered question June 4, 2024

Thanks for your comments.
2.7 had many show stopping bugs and it needed to be rebuilt from scratch.
The old nested structure was causing too many problems and we needed a cleaner approach.

I agree that 2.8 is lacking some bulk editing functionality on the mapping side of things which we will be looking into, one thing to note is that we do have a new filter and tagging system available.


JohnC Answered question June 4, 2024
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