Import from 2.7 not working

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Hi, sorry to be a massive pain. I spent ages getting my MIDI Fighter Twister setup how I wanted it in 2.7. It was working great. Obviously, I’d like to migrate to 2.8. But when I import the controller and the script, the modes and track selection (possibly more) are no longer linked and need to be manually readded. I can’t remember how I set each up as did it a year ago. Is there a way for 2.8 to pull this through to save me a massive headache?

Many thanks

JohnC Answered question June 9, 2024

Hi ewersk,
If the converter isn’t working for you this is likely due to the script being extremely large.
If this is the case you can still import it into CSS version 2.8.5. You will just need to manually set the mode for each mapping.
Yes it’s a little time consuming but once done, you can then edit your script in the latest version.


JohnC Answered question June 9, 2024
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