Override controller script default mappings

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Hey there, I’m wanting to make a simple change to the default mappings of the remote script for APC 40 MKII that comes with Ableton.

I’m wondering if there is a way to load the controller script for the APC 40 MKII that comes with Ableton, and overwrite parts of it, rather than re-writing it from scratch.

If not, is there JSON somewhere of the original APC40 MKII mappings that I can download and use?

JohnC Answered question July 8, 2024

The default scripts are in a compiled python format (with file extension *.pyc). People on the internet have decompiled these already, so they can be read. I’m guessing you could rewrite some stuff, then compile it back. Don’t know if it will work or be a smooth experience.

Edit: The link seems to have some instruction on how to use hacked files. Ableton seems to recompile *.py files itself.

Glenn Verhaeghe Edited answer July 7, 2024

At the moment this can’t be done with Control Surface Studio.
I do have some possible ideas of how it could be possible…

I’ll leave it at that for now though 🙂

JohnC Edited answer July 9, 2024