Reaction for paramaters name has changed is not working

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Hi, this is my reaction:




In ableton i have HALion vst2 device hanging on 1st track, with a parameter configured. I can control that parameter value by CSS, but reaction is not working.. not triggering the action.. when parameter name was changed by incoming PC message or when parameter name was changed by hand in the plugin.

any ideas?

need to fix asap…

P.S. i had an issue with name changes for a parameter when i was writing max4live device, the solution was to use DEFERLOW construction, that helped in max4live

Hellem Posted new comment June 21, 2024

the add_name_listener is working for regular Rack parameters, but not for a parameters of a plugin… but max4live is working for parameters name changed action…

fortunately that works with next code:[0].devices[0].add_parameters_listener