Selected Device Control not working in a Drum Rack.

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I just like to play a drum pad (a cell) with auto-select and control parameters with midi controller. I can’t figure out how to do it in Remotify. I have two midi controllers that have factory script, and they do it with no problem. But, with the script I made with Remotify, it doesn’t seem to auto select the drum pad, so the knob I tweak keeps tweaking a parameter from previous device. With factory scripts, it looks like main drum rack macros is skipped automatically when it is empty.

Glenn Verhaeghe Answered question July 15, 2024

Am I understanding this correctly:

– When playing a pad on your MIDI Controller, you want Ableton to jump automatically to a Track with a Drum Rack

– While focused on that Drum Rack, you want to be able to tweak parameters using Macros

Making a Reaction that selects a Device

To focus on a Device you can use “Live Object Model >> Song >> Select Device” in a Reaction where your Listener is the drum pad.

Select “Device” in the dropdown menu on the right of the Action Parameter to get access to the Path Menu.

Using the Path Menu, point towards the Drum Rack by selecting its track number and device number.

You can also add the Condition that, if this Device is already in focus, this Action won’t be triggered again.

Making Reactions that link knobs to the Macro’s of a Selected Device

To control the parameters of the Selected Device, make Reactions that Listens to the knobs you want to use. As an Action for each knob use “Live Object Model >> Device Parameter >> Set Value”.

In the Path Menu, you’ll need to:

  • select “Selected Track” as your Track Type
  • select “Selected Device” as your Device Type
  • change the Device Parameter Number in this Path Menu to that of the Parameter you want to tweak using the selected knob.

Then, in the Action Parameters, click on the arrow to the right and select “MIDI Controller >> Current Velocity Values >> the knob you’re listening to”.

Glenn Verhaeghe Answered question July 15, 2024