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It’s been over a year and we still don’t have sysex… it’s part of MIDI… and really weird that I can’t use it
On my faderport 16, the transport buttons send sysex messages… so I can’t use any of them
And then the fader screens on the faderport16 receive sysex messages for track names and meters

“Works with any MIDI Controller
Has the manufacturer stopped supporting your gear? Don’t worry, If it sends out MIDI messages you can create a MIDI mapping script for it with Remotify.”

really, the software only supports midi notes and control messages.,. but lots of gear sends program changes when you switch banks, pitchbend is on most keyboards and is often used in motorized control surfaces for faders… and sysex is both MIDI real time messages, and as a place manufactures put settings and non-midi controls, is the most DIY idea ever and is totally in the spirit of what this software is supposed let you do

could we please MIDI fully implemented?

tammo.grasmeijer Answered question June 3, 2024
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Is it possible to use pitchbend nowadays? i’m still in the 30 day money back period so i’m really curious.

JohnC Posted new comment June 3, 2024

Not currently no.

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